Hey, friend! I am the girl behind the lens on wedding days or the "extra bridesmaid" holding the tears in with your MOH when you say, "I do!" With a huge heart for adventure worldwide, I am always excited to travel wherever my clients take me and experience places beyond my small Ohio town. I love baking cupcakes, Jesus, planning my future aesthetically-pleasing house on Pinterest, and long walks on warm, summer days with my chocolate lab. You can find me wandering around cafés in lacy sun dresses with my sister and looking at fresh flower bouquets in small shops.

Hey there, I'm Bree!

My love of photos started out with my love of people, and wanting to document and inspire others with my writing. After starting a Journalism major, I fell in love with my three-hour photography class and never looked back. One day in weddings convinced me I wanted to do it forever, encouraging couples to love and love well. Three years of watching my clients grow strong marriages and families after they start their married lives has my heart, and I feel so blessed!

Friends know me as the go-to girl for interior design ideas and a shopping partner. There is just something about putting simple things together to form something beautiful that feeds my soul. Maybe that’s why weddings fascinate me! I’m hooked on Pinterest, dreaming up the next place to explore by sorting each place into overly-organized boards. I am a homemaker and hostess at heart, and I dream of baking fresh bread or a batch of cupcakes for company in my someday-home (which is also planned out on Pinterest, no surprise). Quality time is my love language, and if you ever look in my fridge, you’re almost guaranteed to find a few cartons of strawberries since they are my #1 go-to snack. Horror movies absolutely terrify me, and I cannot and will not ever watch one. I listen to music in the weirdest way: one song at a time on repeat until I grow sick of it. Writing short poems is my form of therapy, but I don’t think I could ever write a book because I’d have too many ideas. But most of all, I am admittedly a hopeless romantic, and believe that love is the best thing God ever gave us (hence, the wedding photog career).

My pup, Clover

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