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Walking up to meet with Maggie for her session, I was greeted by lots of warm hugs and excited smiles: aka the best way to start!! We had little conversations about volleyball, since my sister and Maggie played on a team together last year, and joked all about how you usually will not catch Maggie in such fancy outfits. And I agreed – sweatpants for the win!!

Before we arrived at the McKinley Memorial Library in Niles, a wedding party was celebrating the day. This meant we had to not only be conscious of them, but we needed to get a little strategic not to get anyone else in the pictures!! Just know that in any of her pictures in this location, there was probably someone just to the left or right of that photo – too funny!

The white backdrop was perfect with the bright orange, and really let Maggie shine. And guys, Maggie is a doll. She has this laugh that looks like you pulled it out of a magazine, and she is so kind that you can’t help but feel loved. That makes perfect sense, since her mama, who accompanied us on the photoshoot, is exactly the same way. They are both so classy, so gentle, and so intentional with how they speak to others. You leave them happier than when you came, and those are the best kinds of humans.

Once we were done at the library, we moved over to Mosquito Lake. When Maggie sent her second outfit to me before her session, I knew water would go perfectly!! This cute lake has several looks to it, giving us lots of choices. They also had a summer concert going on which made for an even sweeter evening.

Photoshoots with sweet families and good vibes are the best way to spend summer nights, if you ask me. And with this beautiful gal, you just know she will be changing peoples’ lives for the better wherever she goes!

Mosquito Lake

McKinley Memorial Library


August 22, 2019

Maggie | Conotton Valley Ohio Senior

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